How To Clean a Fidget Spinner With Water


A fidget spinner is one of the best tools to keep you entertained and to pass the time during long commutes or other similar situations. Nonetheless, these gadgets tend to lose their edge a little over time, so you may have to clean and fix yours to make it feel like new again. These tips are probably going to help you enjoy your toy more.

Fidget Spinner Water Cleaning Procedure

A new fidget spinner spins at amazing speeds, so it's going to leave you in awe. As you use it, wear and tear start to appear, so the speed isn't going to be the same. You may not notice this change in the beginning, but over a bigger period of time, it's going to make a huge difference.

The reason for this slowing down of your favorite toy is the build-up of dirt, grease and various airborne particles. If you don't prevent these accumulations, it's going to be very difficult to clean them out. One way to clean the roller bearing of your fidget spinner is by immersing it in soapy water, and allowing it to soak well. You may want to add a little lemon juice to the water. Allow the fidget spinner to soak for about 15 minutes, and then dry it thoroughly. Give it a spin to see how it goes. If you aren't satisfied, repeat the process one more time.

The other way to clean your bearing is to rub it in lubricant. Nonetheless, you should be very careful what kind of lubricant you use, as some of them can irritate your skin. Ideally, you should pick a water-based lubricant, as they are usually harmless to the skin.

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