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Refund Policy

What is your return policy?

I received my spinner yesterday and it is slightly off balance. how to i go about getting a balanced one?

Fidget Spinner Questions

Why does my fidget spinner have very tiny bearing in the center?

Do you carry different color fidget spinners?

Can this fidget spinner spin on tables, too? I was wondering if the concave in the center cap would mess that up.

I ordered a pocket fidget spinner from "CodeOftheOutdoors", is it good?

Are these fidget spinners regular size?

What are the 3 extra bearings on the arms for? Replacement of the center bearing?

How quiet are the fidget spinners?

Where are these fidget spinners made?

What kind of bearings does each fidget spinner have?

Does each fidget spinner have 6 little balls inside the bearing or 7?

How long does each fidget spinner spin for?

Are the weights/bearings removable?

How big is the Fidget Spinner?

Is the fidget spinner 3d printed?

Is this fidget spinner toy really helping kids to focus in class? Please give me honest answers.

Is the center cap of the fidget spinner concaved?

Does the fidget spinner break easily and does it get damaged while it's shipping?

Whats the difference of EWR and this fidget spinner?

The fidget spinner central finger-pads, are they slippery smooth or are they non-slick?

Where is this fidget spinner made?

Can you replace the bearings to these fidget spinners?

Are fidget spinners appropriate for any age group? What is the age limit for fidget spinners?

Are fidget spinners safe?

Do you sell fidget spinners in bulk?

Does the fidget spinner come with a case?

Which are colors or types of fidget spinners are best to get?


How is shipping set up?

How long does it take to come in?

International Shipping

Do you ship internationally?



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